Drive awareness with thousands of students, and develop your future workforce with the talent and education you are looking for, increasing productivity and reducing attrition.


Identify great fitting careers based on the things you love to do today, and potentially lower the risk of your student debt and the anxiety of finding a job after graduation. 


Help your students plan for the future while partnering more deliberately with local employers on future career opportunities. 


Through Compass, Golden Path Solutions provides an innovative modern workforce platform that unlocks every student’s natural talent and matches that talent with employers who desperately need it.

 The result: A future workforce that is loyal, highly engaged and productive on day one.


Our partnership with GPS fits into our talent management strategy to have a stronger connection to K-12 students and help them best identify healthcare opportunities that align to their interests, passion and skillsets.

Golden Path Solutions helps Sanford grow our talent pipeline. Offering sponsorships enables students to go to school and remain part of our local workforce. We are focused on creating the framework and resources to help our internal employees grow their careers at Sanford. We view Sanford as a ‘career destination’. Employees can join Sanford and advance in their careers or even change their careers, all while being supported by and remaining within Sanford.

Brittany Montecuollo, Sanford’s Vice President of Operations


The GPS Navigation Webinar Series

The GPS Navigation Webinar Series

UPDATE - We were excited to have our first Webinar on May 13th, where we discussed tuition reimbursement as a tool to attract new talent and retain existing talent. Patrick with Golden Path shared best practices to consider when establishing tuition reimbursement...

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