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Interact with promising students in a variety of ways to build connections and skills that can lead to future employment.

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Work-based learning (WBL)
is an umbrella term for a variety of activities that let you interact with students while building connections, skills, and interest in your company.

Work-based learning experiences include:


  • Cooperative work experiences
  • Internships
  • Mentorships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Part-time or summer job
  • Service learning
  • Practicums
  • Career & Technical Student Organizations 
  • School-based enterprise, projects, or simulations

Employers can offer as few or as many experiences as they please, building a strategy that fits their goals and availability.

Compass can be used anywhere, with regional focus in North Dakota and Minnesota, where can get your company, careers, and opportunities in front of every high school student in North Dakota through our partnership with ND Career & Technical Education and XAP.

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WBL provides a competitive advantage to employers looking to build and secure their future workforce:

  • Helps you develop potential future employees with the skills & preparation needed for your careers
  • Provides insight into the thoughts, priorities, and skills of today’s students
  • Strengthens your existing employees’ supervisory and leadership skills
  • Demonstrates your investment in the community & local schools
  • Builds awareness of your company and careers with students and school counselors
  • Gain value from student work (i.e. actual productive work)
  • Retain local talent and help local economies prosper

How Work-based Learning works:

Create a profile on Compass


Build your WBL opportunities on Compass for free
(we can help build these if requested)


Outline requirements for participating students (skills, age, grade, location, etc.)


Choose schools to share your opportunity with


Review student applications and make offers


Set the foundation for future employment by developing connections and key skills with students


How much time investment does WBL take?
The time investment for WBL ranges from low to high depending on which WBL activity your company is offering, and how you choose to structure it. It is easy to develop a WBL opportunity that fits your company’s availability.
What kind of company is WBL a good fit for?
Companies of all sizes in all industries can benefit from offering WBL opportunities. WBL’s flexibility means that your company can build opportunities that suit your team, careers, and goals. And the benefit of WBL is universal: your company developing needed skills and professional connections with potential future workers.
Why use WBL to connect with high school students now?
Today’s high school students are tomorrow’s workforce. WBL allows you to develop authentic connections and necessary skills with students at a pivotal time in their educational/professional path. Even more than activities like career fairs, WBL lets you work one-on-one with promising students, increasing the likelihood that they may pursue higher education in your field (if applicable) and choose employment with you down the line.
Are there regulations around WBL opportunities?
Some industries may have regulations around WBL, relating to age restrictions, insurance requirements, etc. Your state may have some programs to help manage these regulations. Check with your state for more info on regulations and programs, or contact us at
Can I offer WBL alongside other Compass tools (Career Profiles, Sponsorships, etc.)?
Absolutely – we highly recommend it! Each tool serves a valuable and unique purpose in a modern workforce development strategy. Implementing more than one of these tools in tandem will only make your talent pipeline stronger and more effective.

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