Our newest feature in Compass – the community solution – provides employers an additional opportunity to reach job seekers and highlight relationships within those communities. It’s a great way for you to reach more people while showcasing how your company connects to other employers, careers, amenities, and events, all on one easy-to-navigate page.

We partnered with Watford City, ND, for our first release. Future releases will include a variety of communities, such as places, colleges, and associations. The Watford City community is also available to college students and adult users, and we are excited to welcome these users to other communities in the future.

This is a new and exciting use case for Compass. It enables us to highlight a broad scope of opportunities. It also creates numerous offerings and combinations to improve the Compass experience for our users – including you!

Here’s what else is new with the community solution:

Additional users

With the new community solution, we’re expanding our Compass users to college students and adults already in the workforce. These user accounts are only available for the Watford City project at this time, but we’re excited to bring this feature to more opportunities in the future.

Employer pages

The new employer pages feature all your company information and opportunities in one location. This new design makes it easy for students to learn more about your company, work culture, careers, and more. Employer pages are available on their own in Compass but can also be accessed through communities. For example, the Watford City community features several employers for users to explore.  This functionality is now available to all users of Compass, including high school and middle school students.

Other types of communities

The Watford City community highlights a place to live, but there are many other types of communities. We’re exploring how the community solution could be used for other organizations such as colleges, associations, and unions. Just like a city community can highlight employers, other organizations, like colleges, can do the same.

Community-specific URLs

With the new release, communities have their own URL that is easy to share with Compass users. This URL takes users to a landing page featuring the community. It includes a vibrant photo, short interest survey, and a direct login to Compass. Watford City is already sharing its URL through marketing efforts to attract teachers, healthcare workers, and school counselors.

Communities for high school students

Eventually, the community functionality will be available for high school students in North Dakota, especially as it relates to postsecondary institutions. We’re building partnerships with several regional colleges to pilot this program, including North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) in Wapeton, North Dakota State University (NDSU) in Fargo, and Northland Community and Technical College in East Grand Forks, MN.

These new college communities will provide essential information to high school students. They will also feature the partnerships between colleges and employers. It will help bridge the gap between education and a career, providing one more way for a student to find their ideal path.

We’re thankful for our partnership with Watford City, as well as with the North Dakota Department of Commerce which helped fund this work through the North Dakota Workforce Innovation Grant (NDWIG).  We’re also thankful to be working with our pilot colleges.

If you’d like to see Compass in action, including many of these new features, please contact us at patrick@goldenpath.net for a personalized demo.