4/27/22 Update – Thank you to Wayde Sick from the North Dakota Department of Career & Technical Education and James Leiman with the ND Department of Commerce for joining our 4th installment of the GPS Navigation Series.  This event focused on the work Golden Path Solutions is doing with our application Compass, extending functionality and integrating with RUReady.ND.gov (built by XAP) to support work-based learning.  We think this is going to be another great way to get employers connected with students for workforce development in a way that’s a win for all!

Click on the links below to view the recording and download the presentation. 

11/18/21 Update – We had a great time hosting our third webinar in the GPS Navigation Webinar Series, “How to Build a Modern Apprenticeship Program.” This educational webinar focused on how companies can identify the talent they need and build apprenticeship programs with institutions like Lake Region State College to get future employees the training they need for success.

Thank you to our speakers: Melana Howe from Lake Region State College, who shared how LRSC works with employers to build apprenticeship programs, and Michelle Rakoczy, PhD from the North Dakota University System – Core Technology Services, who shared information about how they’ve leveraged apprenticeships to complement and build their team.

8/12/21 Update – We were super excited to hold our second webinar in the GPS Navigation Webinar series, with the focus on how employers can work with higher-ed on customized curriculum specific for their careers and their specific way of doing things.  We heard from Dr. John Richman, President of the North Dakota State College of Science, from Dr. Josh Behl, Interim Dean of the Minnesota State University Moorhead’s College of Business, Analytics & Communication, and Blain Booher, Program Director at the Emerging Digital Academy talk about their respective programs and how they work with employers.  If you missed it, you can view the presentation by clicking here.

5/13/21 UPDATE – We were excited to have our first Webinar on May 13th, where we discussed tuition reimbursement as a tool to attract new talent and retain existing talent. Patrick with Golden Path shared best practices to consider when establishing tuition reimbursement programs. We heard Shawna Swenson and Bryce Rohrich from Sanford Health talk about how they are using tuition reimbursement to attract talent in high demand medical jobs. Finally, Brenda Zastoupil shared details of the North Dakota Career Builders program which subsidizes tuition reimbursement for high demand jobs. If you missed it, you can listen to the recording or check out the presentation, with the links below!



Golden Path Solutions launches The GPS Navigation Webinar Series, where Business Executives, Human Resource Professionals and Department Managers connect to learn about the latest in workforce development topics and trends from top government and business leaders.

Golden Path Solutions has been committed to providing innovative workforce development solutions that serve both businesses and talent since its inception in early 2019. Their mission is to unlock every single student’s natural talent and match that talent with employers who desperately need it.

“Through the process of developing innovative workforce solutions that serve our audiences, Golden Path Solutions has uncovered a number of thought leaders and relevant topics that can benefit the business community. As part of our mission to serve the community, we decided to launch our educational webinars, GPS Navigation Series, a Roadmap to Finding and Developing your Future Workforce, says Patrick Mineer, CEO Golden Path Solutions.

Our first educational topic is focused on Using Tuition Reimbursement Programs to Secure Future Talent. This concept is interesting to many businesses as it presents a means to identify and secure the best talent early in their career decisions and have an opportunity to influence their education to meet your business’ specific training needs. But implementing these programs can seem overwhelming and appear to be expensive. This session plans to break it down for you, in a way that allows you to take action while containing risk. We will discuss how this approach can create a loyal pipeline of future “Rockstar Employees” and hear from Shawna Shawna Swenson and Bryce Rohrich, Human Resource leaders from Sanford Health who will share how they are implementing their programs with success today. And, Brenda Zastoupil, from the ND Career Builders program will join us to share insights on how you may be able to offset your program’s costs.