2024 will be an exciting year for our employer partners at Golden Path Solutions. As we expand the reach of Compass and increase our features and offerings, it all translates into more opportunities and access for employers like you. We’re thankful for your partnership and the valuable connections you build with students.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the coming year:

New Compass employer page

Students will soon have access to a customized page about your company. They can already learn about you through Career Profiles and work-based learning experiences, but an upcoming Compass release will include dedicated pages for employers. You’ll be able to share more about your business, including what makes it a great place to work, careers, photos, and links to more information. It’s a great way for students to learn more about you, all in one location.

Updated Compass interface and tools

In 2024, Compass will be even easier for you to use. You already have access to everything from your contact list and Career Profiles to student applications and student work-based learning evaluations, and soon you’ll have more tools at your fingertips. The new employer interface and features include a refreshed homepage that indicates any outstanding activity and email reminders when opportunities are expiring.

More visibility among students

Our student base is growing and that means more reach for your opportunities. Compass is now available to middle school students (grades six to eight) in North Dakota, helping them as they think ahead to high school courses, career planning, and postsecondary school. We continue to expand into more Minnesota high schools and are in conversation with several other states as well. In addition, we’re always working diligently to ensure that the students who already have access to Compass are taking full advantage of the many offerings – like sponsorships at your company. (Reminder that now is an excellent time to offer and promote a sponsorship as high school seniors are making their big decisions for next year.) Finally, the new Compass mobile application will make it easier for students to access Compass, stay informed of current work experiences, and keep in touch with you.

Increased school connections

A new Golden Path newsletter for school professionals will provide an additional way to share your company information with schools across the region. We will be working with our school professionals to highlight new employer opportunities to keep teachers and students better informed. We’ll also be working with schools to ensure that career fairs are more targeted to student needs and interests, as well as more valuable to employers. We’re looking forward to helping you foster more connections with school professionals.

Golden Path Membership

Introduced late last year, the Golden Path Membership makes it easy for your business to stay in touch with students, foster new connections, and share your workforce opportunities. A membership is included with any purchased career profile or can be purchased separately for $14.99 per month. The benefits include customizable social media and student handout templates, as well as direct invites to student-focused activities and events. We’ll also be offering our own events to connect students and employers and you’ll be the first to know.

We understand how important it is for you to build a skilled and dedicated future workforce and we’re excited to bring you increased opportunities in 2024 to do so. Please contact us if you have questions or additional ideas on how we can best serve you.