As we do more work with schools on their processes around work-based learning, one thing we hear consistently is that managing all the paperwork and signatures to get a student and an employer connected can be a pain.  Some schools have created online forms to manage the process, some have a system to help manage online signatures like DocuSign, and some use manual forms.  At any rate, having the paperwork and signatures on file and associated with an employer, a student, or a specific work-based learning opportunity is a challenge.  We’re excited to release our first version of making this easier for schools to manage!

What school administrators can do in Compass now is create what we call “workflows”, where a school administrator can attached a document (a PDF or a link to a form) and indicate who needs to sign it.  Signers can include an employer contact, a school professional, a student, a parent, or a custom signer (if you’re school requires a different kind of signature).  You can set the order of signers, and as one signature comes in Compass will move to the next until the workflow is complete.  School administrators can track the status of signatures, send reminders, and keep track of everything.  What’s better is that those signatures can be linked to the employer, student, application, evaluation, whatever – making it easier to find and manage.

Students also now have access to an online storage drive if they’d like to save information relevant for them, including agreements, files, etc. that need to be associated with the student’s account.  They can also choose to share specific files with a counselor, teacher, or other user!

This functionality is available to schools in Minnesota and South Dakota, and we’re looking to make this available in North Dakota as we continue to build out school administrator functionality.

See below for some examples, and reach out to to learn more or have a demo!

Take a look at these new work-based learning management features for school professionals:

Setting up a new signature workflow:

Tracking status of agreements:

How agreements are electronically signed:

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