The latest release of Compass includes features – such as the new employer pages – to make it even easier to use.

We’re listening to your suggestions to enhance Compass and are excited to share the most recent updates.

New Compass features for our audiences


  • The Compass employer home page now includes new top navigation tabs. These tabs make it easier to update information, such as work-based learning and Career Profiles. Employers can also easily approve applications and complete evaluations.
  • Students and other job seekers can now learn more about employers through new employer pages. These one-stop locations include employer information and all offered opportunities. It’s a great way to highlight each company, work culture, careers, and more.


  • The new Compass student home page offers improved navigation. Students can now navigate to their profile, results, opportunities, and activities from one spot. The new design also corresponds to the mobile app, now available in the Google Play and Apple App Store.
  • New student home page notifications include a profile progress graphic and alerts for opportunities and activities. This feature makes it easier for students to manage their Compass communication and tasks.
  • Finally, students can learn more about an employer and its opportunities with the new employer pages. This provides an additional way to browse opportunities. It is especially helpful for students interested in working for particular employers. They can see other careers at that company, as well as experiences available to schools and students. They can also learn about the employer’s culture and view important links and other information.

College students and adults

  • New community pages showcase a community’s amenities, important employers, and careers. This feature makes it easier for job seekers to discover if they are a good fit for a community. Our first available community is Watford City, ND. The page will be shown to college and adult job seekers outside of the region seeking specific opportunities. More communities are coming and eventually, this feature will be available to high school and middle school students.

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions or requests about these new features.