Almost every organization is currently participating in some form of traditional workforce development strategies. Odds are, they include things like sharing job postings on sites like Indeed or reaching out to candidates via LinkedIn, offering internships or other work-based learning opportunities, attending school career fairs, etc.

These tactics are popular for a variety of reasons and can be effective in their own right. Still, there’s no denying: in today’s job market, employers can only stay competitive by optimizing their strategies for attracting and developing talent.

An improved talent pipeline doesn’t require a company to start from scratch or majorly pivot.

By adding supportive tools to your existing strategies, you can maximize their effectiveness and stay more competitive in the talent market.

Compass, our workforce development platform, has a variety of options that help employers do just that.

If your company is looking to see better results from your existing strategies, here are some ways that Compass can help:

If you are…

…sharing job postings on websites like Indeed, Monster, etc.:

Share the same/similar information in a Compass Career Profile. Career Profiles are similar to job postings in that they describe a role at your company, but the information is more in-depth and targeted toward students who are exploring career paths. Profiles develop interest in your company and field, and are shared via Compass with students at the schools or areas of your choice. Students who have your ideal employee qualities will also be “matched” with your Career Profiles.

…offering internships or other work-based learning opportunities (job shadows, CWEs, etc.):

Share work-based learning opportunities on Compass with up to 30,000+ students in the region, or select the specific schools/areas you’d like to share with. Students who have your ideal employee qualities will also be “matched” with your opportunity. Posting these opportunities on Compass is quick and easy and can immediately expand your reach, helping you find your most promising future employees.

…attending school career fairs:

Over 150 schools in ND and MN use Compass (including every high school in ND). Connect with students more meaningfully at these events and encourage follow-up by sharing the Career Profiles or Work-based Learning opportunities that you have available on Compass. These can spark better conversations at the event and provide an easy way for students to connect afterward (that can be less intimidating than an email).

…reaching out to candidates via LinkedIn and/or running ads on social media, radio, or other platforms:

By sharing your careers and/or work-based learning opportunities on Compass in addition to other channels, you can expand your reach by over 30,000 – building connections with students (i.e. future workers) through a school-approved platform they trust. Compass’s unique matching capabilities also put your company in front of the students who have your ideal employee qualities.

You can also join Compass’ Employer Connections Database, which immediately expands your network of advocates and allows schools to contact you about offering/participating in workforce development activities at their schools.

…holding events to showcase your company or provide an immersive experience to students:

Post your event(s) in Compass and choose the schools that you would like to invite.  You can help students understand more about the event and what the agenda will be, and give them information on how to register.  And just like Career Profiles or Work-based Learning, you can provide information that we’ll use to match students to the event.