Now is the time to take a step forward in your workforce development strategy.

You’ve tapped all of the traditional models of finding talent and are looking for another way to build your pipeline. Well, we created one.

Our platform, Compass, connects you with thousands of students and school professionals, helping you develop your ideal workforce.

Success in today’s workforce market requires a new strategy. With Golden Path, implementing that strategy is easier than ever!

Take the first step:

What is Compass?

Our workforce development platform, Compass, helps you connect with future workers (specifically, high school students that match key criteria) to develop skills and interests that lead them on a path toward employment with your company. You can even secure future workforce through Sponsorships.

Reach thousands of students and develop your future workforce with the talent and education your company needs

Identify students with the same traits and talents as your best performers

Extend your geographic recruiting reach by connecting with schools near and far in a scalable way

Engage your future workforce just as they are making decisions about their career paths


Build your opportunities to connect with students on Compass
Opportunities are shared with students
Student Profile data is used to match students to your opportunities
Relationships formed, skills built, and future employment secured

Get connected now to






Compass can be used anywhere, with regional focus in North Dakota and Minnesota, where can get your company, careers, and opportunities in front of every high school student in North Dakota through our partnership with ND Career & Technical Education and XAP.

Why connect with students now?

Today’s students will be tomorrow’s workforce

On average, less than 15% of ND high school students and less than 20% of MN high school students leave their state for post-secondary education. 

There is a huge opportunity to foster successful professional relationships with students from high school until employment.

Our system allows you to build connections and skills with students now, to set them on a clear path toward future employment with your company.

Your path to your ideal workforce:


Fast, easy, and free – get started with access to the latest workforce development tools and your future workforce.


Instantly expand your school professional network through the Employer Connections Database

Get your company connected to schools across the region – offer to join career fairs, guest speaking, and more.

15 experiences available for selection


Build & share workforce development options to engage with promising students

Explore your options here and/or let our experts guide you through the process.


Let your pipeline funnel skilled and engaged talent to your company over time!

What are your workforce development options?

Explore your three workforce development tools available through Compass in this one-page guide.

How does matching work?


Employer chooses ideal student criteria for opportunity (natural aptitudes, skills, interests, classes, activities, etc.).


Compass suggests best matches between employer opportunities and students.



Students create Student Profiles, populated with data regarding classes, activities, hobbies/interests, and a personality assessment.

Employers can choose to implement matching with any workforce development tool on Compass, funneling your ideal candidates to your company.

Prioritize building relationships with the students that best-fit your company, roles, and opportunities.


Employer FAQ

What types of jobs fit into the Golden Path model?

Golden Path’s methodology works for any kind of job: from entry level jobs to complex jobs, and from careers that need no degree to careers that need advanced degrees. Because our methodology breaks a career down into the skills and educational path needed, any job can be considered.

What does it mean to sponsor a student?
Sponsorships can be different for each company, but usually it means covering some percentage of tuition and expenses in exchange for a work commitment from the student and being able to influence the student’s educational path. Tuition reimbursement might be in the form of scholarships or loan repayment. It’s up to you!
Do I need to sponsor students to work with Golden Path?
No. Golden Path helps you develop your future workforce in a variety of ways, not just through Sponsorships. You can get connected to schools through our Employer Connections Database; share company/career info and get matched with students through Career Profiles; start building professional relationships with students through Work-based Learning; and more.
Why should I consider Work-based Learning as a workforce development tool?
Work-based Learning (WBL) is a great way to help a student understand more about your company, your culture, and your careers before they graduate. It’s a great way for you and the student to get to know each other and decide if a longer-term sponsorship is a good fit for both of you!
How much time does it take from us to do the profile work for a Career Profile?
It can take as little as 1 hour for us to do a group interview, or up to several hours to deeply understand a role. You can also do it yourself, entering the appropriate information and building the profiles on your own.
Does Golden Path only work for entry level jobs?
Golden Path can work for any job. In fact, you may find Golden Path useful to help students understand that your company offers a variety of complex and advanced careers that they might not have realized you offer.
How do you drive awareness of our company and positions with students?
When your Career Profile is published in Compass, you choose the schools to share it with. Students in those schools will see your profile, can learn more about you, and reach out if they’re interested. That’s the power of Compass – with one click of the button, your company and careers can be shared instantly with more than 30K students in over 150 schools across the region. With the profile information students enter in Compass, we can match them to your positions. Not only do all students see information about your company, but also the ones that might be a great fit for your positions!

Ready to get started?