We’re excited to partner with the North Dakota Trade Office to help educate their member employers about how Golden Path can help them develop future workforce to help scale and grow their businesses.  You can register for the webinar here, and you can learn more about the event below!


Workforce issues are impacting companies globally, and many of the traditional ways we find talent are becoming obsolete. Join us in learning from Patrick Mineer with Golden Path Solutions about Compass, a unique platform aimed at building a workforce pipeline with students, our future workforce. This pipeline connects employers like yourself to area schools and students to provide opportunities to showcase many great career opportunities available right here in North Dakota.  Compass is available to all students in North Dakota through a partnership with ND Career & Technical Education, and can help you connect with schools and students to develop your future workforce.

This info session will teach you about:

  • Creating an account in Compass, their innovative platform that matches employers with interested students for career exploration and employer/student connections
  • Options to help students learn about your companies and careers
  • Opportunities you can provide for direct engagement with students through Work-Based-Learning, getting to know students with the talent you’re looking for
  • Ways you can work with students to offer scholarships and work agreements to develop your future workforce.

Join us on November 7th at 11:00 a.m. to learn more about expanding our networks through this innovative workforce platform to engage the future workforce in North Dakota.

We will hear from Patrick Mineer, founder and CEO of Golden Path Solutions, who sought to connect students and employers to find well-matched opportunities that could lead everyone to a mutually beneficial opportunity. Students gain practical experience, tuition, and lifelong skills, while employers find dedicated and passionate individuals looking for meaningful opportunities. Compass was created to match talent with careers and employers. The result is a path forward guiding students towards the classes and education that meet their needs/goals towards future employment.