Golden Path Solutions helps educators prepare
students for what happens after graduation.



Golden Path Solutions is committed to helping you do what you do best — preparing your students for the future and setting them up for success. We do this by fostering connections between students, employers, and schools. We help students understand their skills and talents and the career paths they may want to pursue and potentially connect them with employers who need them for their future workforce. 

Students use our tool, Compass, to record their experiences and get insight into careers that align with their skills. You, as the school administrator, can use Compass to see how each student is progressing in their studies and what their interests are both in and out of school.  These details are useful for curriculum planning, distinguishing what careers a student may be interested in, and identifying the employers you may want to introduce them to, ultimately enabling you to prepare students for what’s next after graduation. Golden Path Solutions provides you with a simple solution that can help ensure your students are planning for the future and connects your school with local employers.

Provide a student driven way of providing skills & career insight

Give you an administrative view of how students are doing in terms of career planning, skills, etc.

Capture certain elements from students that are needed for state wide reporting

Help you establish relationships with local employers for curriculum, job fairs, site visits, etc.

Give you tools to help students make better decisions on curriculum, experiences, etc.


At Golden Path Solutions, our goal is to curb the uncertainty and anxiety that many students face post-graduation by empowering your organization. Partnering with high schools, colleges, and other educators allows us to help adequately prepare students for what comes next. Working together, we can get students excited about their post-secondary education and career path. More importantly, students can feel secure in the knowledge that they’re graduating with the training and tools necessary to succeed in their careers.

Golden Path Solutions can help educational institutions:


Golden Path Solutions partners with high school and college students to create a profile on our Compass website. We help students by doing an extensive assessment and building their profile, which includes information such as the classes they’ve taken, their experiences, extracurricular activities, hobbies, and their personality. All of this helps students identify the unique skills and talents they possess. Compass then compiles that data and uses Holland Codes as indicators to identify what careers they may enjoy the most. Compass can also make jobs with local employers searchable for students, providing awareness of what jobs are out there and may be of interest to the student. Finally, Golden Path can connect students with potential employers that may be interested in adding them to their future workforce. This connection can lead to an employer investing in the student’s education through a scholarship or sponsorship agreement.

Using Compass as the foundation, we can create a connection between students and employers and build a unique partnership between schools and companies. If employers can work with schools to develop curriculums and identify the skills that are attractive to an employer, things like career fairs, work opportunities, internships, or summer jobs become even more powerful. This model will help your school connect more deliberately and effectively with local employers and give students more exposure to different career paths.

Imagine what could happen if a student has better insight into their skills and talents so that they can make more informed decisions about their future. Compass empowers you to have those important conversations with students about life after school. Additionally, there is an opportunity to create a more collaborative and meaningful relationship between your school and local employers. Everyone wins!


How do you typically roll out Compass to students?

We have a variety of options, including in-person roll outs, virtual implementations, or a self-help video that can be used for students to walk through getting Compass set up.  We want to be sensitive to restrictions with COVID, so please reach out to us for more information.

Do you need to roll out Compass to all students, or subsets of students?

It’s up to you.  Some schools roll out Compass to all their grades, some to a subset.  If you want to help students with career planning and career awareness we suggest starting as early as 9th grade.  Sponsorships will more likely be available to upper classmen who have more high school experiences.

How much time does it take for us to start working with Golden Path?

When you agree to adopt Compass, we load your school’s curriculum into Compass and get you and running as quickly as possible.  We usually need one hour to train staff on administrative functions, and then can roll out to students using a variety of options.  For students, we recommend a class period for the initial set up, and then ½ hour for monthly or quarterly updates.  If you are using Compass for career curriculum, time spent in the system could be longer.

What model do you use for career awareness and skills assessment?

We use Holland Codes (RASIEC), which are a standard most career assessment tools use.

Learn more about Holland Codes here.

Do you offer any services that support career awareness outside of Compass?

Yes. Part of what we do is try to connect schools and employers more deliberately, and so we facilitate speakers, career fairs, site visits, career exploration that often happens outside of Compass.  We are also looking at developing a career curriculum from 9-12 that can be used with Compass but also extends outside of Compass.

How do you help us create more opportunities with local employers?

When we first onboard your school, we’ll also ask for introductions to business development in the area (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, EDC, etc).  We find employers that we think fit this model, and then we facilitate a conversation with school personnel, employers, and economic development to ensure everyone is working together!

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?