Identify your skills and talent by looking at the things you’ve done and are interested in.

Reduce the guesswork in finding careers you will love. Narrow down the list of careers that would be a good fit specifically for you.

See local employers who have workforce needs, identify which fit you and learn them, including a day in the life, career paths, and other info. 

Get work experiences, internships and connections with companies looking  for people like you.


Help pay for post-secondary school and have a job waiting for you through sponsorships with local employers

Thinking about the future can be an exciting time for students, but it can also be nerve-wracking.  Making decisions about your future career can be stressful and difficult. You know what you love to do but it’s hard to know what careers are out there and which would be a great fit for YOU. And post-secondary school can require a lot of time and money so the stakes can be high if you make the wrong decision.

Golden Path Solutions takes the uncertainty out of planning for the future by using what you love to do today to predict satisfying careers for your tomorrow.  Using our new system, Compass, you’ll gain a clearer picture of satisfying career options that fit YOU!


There are so many benefits of working with Golden Path Solutions and using Compass. By providing you with better insights into your skills and talents and connecting you with employers early on, we can achieve great results!

Golden Path Solutions helps you:

Narrow down the careers that are best for you based on your real-world traits and experiences

Gain real world insight into what jobs are really like

Learn about career paths, education requirements and other information for local careers

Connect with potential future employers who have positions that match your talents and genuine interests

Potentially reduce or eliminate post-secondary tuition cost

With sponsorships, guarantee a job after graduation


What does it mean to be sponsored by an employer?

Sponsorships vary by employer, but it typically means that an employer would pay for some or all of your tuition and expenses in exchange for being able to work with you on your educational path and providing a work agreement when you graduate.

I don’t know if I want a sponsorship with an employer. Is that okay?

Of course!  There is plenty to be gained by using Compass even if you don’t think sponsorships is right for you. Compass provides unique insights to help you plan your future by using your current interests and skills to help predict careers you would find satisfying in the future. You can even see local opportunities that are available that fit you the best. It is your choice if you want to explore sponsorships. If you do, and one is offered to you, you can always say no if you don’t think it’s the right fit.

Is my information ever shared without my consent?

If you are using Compass through a school license, your information is seen by your counselor, just like your grades are.  But your information is not shared with staff at Golden Path or with sponsoring employers without your expressed consent (or your legal guardian if you are under 18).  If you would like to be considered for sponsorships, you need to select “Employers Can Find Me” to Yes and if you are under 18, your parents will need to provide consent.

How often should I be updating Compass?

We recommend updating Compass quarterly, or whenever you have a new experience or finish a semester of classes. Each time you capture new activities, classes and hobbies in Compass, you will learn a little bit more about yourself and the careers that you would find most satisfying.  Also, going into Compass regularly will keep you up to date on any new opportunities that you may want to pursue!

What if I want to use Compass, but my school doesn’t have it yet?

 Reach out to us at for individual usage options.

How is my GPA factored into a sponsorship?

Putting grades into Compass helps us understand you a little bit better, but more to see what classes you did better than your average GPA, which might indicate an interest or talent in that subject.  We don’t weigh a 3.5 GPA better than a 2.5 or worse than a 4.0.

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