Support Policy

We’re excited to have you as a user of Compass!  Compass helps students find career paths that fit them based on their current experiences, and connects them with employers who need their skills for their future workforce.  With Compass, schools, students, and employers can work together to find a fit for everyone!

To use the Compass mobile application, the student will need access to the Compass web application to receive their Mobile Code.  Go to the student’s profile, click on the button for “Generate Code” and enter that code when logging into the mobile application for the first time.

Golden Path Solutions values your privacy.  All data entered is secured using Microsoft Azure security, and no data is shared with anyone other than your school counselor and/or career advisor.  If you want Golden Path Solutions to review profile information to match you to employers, please complete the consent process (either attest to being 18 or over, or obtain electronic consent from a parent or legal guardian).

To remove your data from your mobile device, simply sign out.  You will need to retrieve another mobile code from Compass in your browser.  To remove your account from Compass all together, please contact your school administrator and/or PowerSchool administrator (for North Dakota).  

If you need support, or if your school doesn’t have access to Compass yet and you’d like to learn more, please call 701-866-2620 or email us at