We’re excited to share that a grant application submitted for Golden Path Solutions Compass fees by the Great Northwest Area Career and Technical Center was recently approved, meaning that all schools in the Great Northwest Area of North Dakota can roll out Compass for their high school students.  This includes schools like Williston, Watford City, New Town, and Stanley, just to name a few. 

About the Grant

This grant provides North Dakota schools to find innovative ways of exposing students to careers and helping with career exploration. Golden Path Solutions recently received approval from NDCTE. These funds can be used to facilitate the rollout of our new technology (an application called “Compass”) to public schools throughout the state.

North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education (NDCTE)

NDCTE is committed to Career and technical education that will span over all educational levels.  Providing youth with exploration opportunities and the foundation skills needed to enter the world of work while providing adults with skills needed to enter, re-enter, or advance in the workforce.

Benefits of Compass

Compass is a tool used by students to learn more about themselves by using their high school experiences to generate Holland Codes, a common way of aligning skills to careers used by the US Department of Labor. 

Golden Path Solutions and Compass meet the two intents of the grant:

  • Foster innovation through the identification and promotion of promising and proven career and technical education programs, practices, and strategies, which may include programs, practices, and strategies that prepare individuals for nontraditional fields. 
  • Promote the development, implementation, and adoption of programs of study or career pathways aligned with State-identified high-skill, high-wage, or in-demand occupations or industries.

Learn More About Golden Path Solutions

Golden Path Solutions helps students identify their strengths and find their ideal career, and helps employers develop their future workforce. For more information on how your school can adopt Compass and its associated curriculum, contact us at https://www.goldenpath.net/ or reach out to Patrick at patrick@goldenpath.net.