Golden Path Solutions helps employers develop the workforce of the future, increase productivity, and reduce employee turnover.

At Golden Path Solutions, we recognize that the employment landscape is constantly changing, and finding the best talent to move your company forward can be a challenge. A shortage of the workers you need and rapidly evolving technology continue to make it tough for employers to find qualified employees with the right skills, the right experiences, and the right education for success. Golden Path Solutions uses a forward-thinking model to help companies overcome these challenges in the hiring process, and provides a cost-effective and efficient way to develop your future workforce.

 Initially, we work one-on-one with employers to identify the talents, skills, and educational path an employee needs to succeed with their company. We do this by talking to your best employees and doing a lot of market research. What makes your best employees great? What educational programs align specifically with your company? We use this information to make your job descriptions and hiring practices better than ever, helping you market your companies and attracting the right candidates.  

 But Golden Path Solutions does a lot more than that. With a clear picture of the ideal candidate, Golden Path Solutions can match employers with the future workforce — students! 

Creating connections with students while they are still in high school or college allows you to drive awareness of your company and your jobs. Better yet, Golden Path Solutions has a technology platform that helps you connect with the students that have the raw skills and talent that predict success at your company, and if you and the student agree there’s a good fit, Golden Path can create agreements designed to help you shape future employees by allowing you to sponsor students. You can influence their education and training path according to their skills and your needs, in exchange for tuition reimbursement and a work agreement when the student graduates. Imagine being able to partner with a student that has the right skills for success at your company, getting them the right education and the right experiences to be an amazing employee when they start working with you on day one!

 Our innovative approach to the hiring and development process creates long-term relationships between you and your future employees through hands-on internships and coops, curriculum agreements with local schools, and collaboration and connection between your organization, educators, and students. Potential employees get the necessary education and training, making them more likely to remain engaged and excited about their work. Your company benefits from increased employee retention, team synergy, employee job satisfaction, and revenue. 


Once we begin working together, you decide the level of engagement. It all starts with building out a profile for your current roles, which can be done in several ways, either group interviews with your best employees or one-on-one interviews, as well as interviews with coworkers and managers. The end result of this is a report that gives you better insight into your jobs and what’s needed for success, as well as a student-facing profile describing your company and your job.

After that, you can choose to share information about your company in Compass, our student-facing tool that is being implemented in schools. Students complete profiles in Compass based on their interests and experiences and are then matched with suggested careers, including your jobs, providing a great way to drive awareness of what you do and potential careers at your company. 

Finally, if you choose to offer sponsorships, Golden Path Solutions can connect students who are interested in a sponsorship and fit your profile with your team. If both parties decide it’s a good match, we facilitate creating an agreement in which your organization can choose to sponsor and guide the student’s post-secondary education, including on-site training through internships or co-ops. Upon graduation, the student is guaranteed a job and potential tuition reimbursement.

When an employer chooses to sponsor a student’s education and training, Golden Path Solutions maintains an active role. Our team tracks the student’s progress, ensuring they stay engaged and continue to meet the expectations outlined in the agreement.

Partnering with Golden Path Solutions helps build a mutually beneficial relationship between your company and students. Students graduate with fewer education costs and find a job that suits their particular skills, personality, and talent. At the same time, you are guaranteed an employee that is eager to be aligned with your company.


The hiring process can be time-consuming and costly, especially when it comes to employee turnover. Golden Path Solutions strives to reduce the burden employers face when developing their workforce by connecting them with prequalified candidates. Partnering with our team provides a more cost-effective approach to finding qualified employees that are in it for the long haul and enables employers to get an edge over competitors by locking in the best future talent and guiding their education.

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