Who Wants a CHANGE in State?


Published on Feb 27, 2014 Who Wants a Change in State? Personally, Nationally, Globally? Darren Deojee is a regular and highly respected speaker at New Horizons and this presentation on the 24th of February 2014 was one of his best. Darren asks just what is the change we want and ultimately do we actually realise what change we need? Mind blowing stuff as Darren takes the audience down roads no one could have expected... Darren: "I cannot tell you now about the content of this evening, because the Livings Words I will spell out will not have the same meaning if I wrote them here. I come from, and represent, a different State. One that I believe some of you aspire to, but I cannot share the keys until we meet, until you come to this event. "This is a truly magical session, where quantum rules apply -- its not just a fixed talk or a slideshow: if you come, the event will be different than if you didn't. A full spectrum of possibility applies where none can know how far we can go until That Now. So what difference will telling you about the night now make? "None. You simply have to answer the question in the title and Choose: but be aware, attendees may feel the Quickening of the fiery pulse as one of this planet's Top Mammals begin to course alive through their veins as the depth of your shackling will be both revealed and loosened, and the doors that will be opened can never be closed again. This is Mental Healing and This is Real." Feel free to download this video and re-upload it where you like - please just give a link to the source.