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Published on Feb 27, 2014 Who Wants a Change in State? Personally, Nationally, Globally? Darren Deojee is a regular and highly respected speaker at New Horizons and this presentation on the 24th of February 2014 was one of his best. Darren asks just what is the change we want and ultimately do we actually realise what change we need? Mind blowing stuff as Darren takes the audience down roads no one could have expected...

Kurt Kallenbach gives a pretty detailed history of how the American Union became a corporation under the name United States. I good video to start understanding how we lost our freedoms by aligning ourselves with a corrupt central government

NJWeedman a medical marijuana patient fighting bone cancer and a pot legalization advocate, found himself in trouble after being pulled over by a New Jersey state trooper with more than a pound of marijuana in his possession, as well as a large sum of cash. This was sufficient to trigger a "possession with intent to distribute" charge, and he faced up to a decade in prison if convicted.

The true power you hold, How you gave it away. And how you get it back in the pursuit of freedom and truth.

From Canada, Dean Clifford gives his opinion on government, law, freedom and the legal system, which we are forcefully born into. Dean has been providing resources and opinion to help guide the Freeman on the Land movement for a few years.

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