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How Politians Lives Differ from the Public and Why they are Disconnected from Society

You hear pundits and such say that politicians are "out of touch" with the common folk. But you don't realize how comically true this is until you see it up close. A woman we'll call "Alice" worked as the chief aid to one of the men who ran the state of California, which in reality meant she played the role of babysitter to a grown man for several years of her life. He was a career politician, the kind of man who hadn't had to drive his own car or write his own checks for years, because obviously the people who govern us shouldn't be expected to live anything like a normal life.

Electronic Voting Machine Project

A worldwide group of scientists, engineers, political scientists, legal scholars, and voting-rights activists are working on developing a PC based voting machines that will be easier to use, more secure, cheaper, and provide greater democratic transparency than commercially available voting machines. All EVM2003 voting stations produce a voter-verifiable paper ballot

International Organization for a Participatory Society

The interim International Organization for a Participatory Society (IOPS) was launched in 2012 with the aim of winning a better world.

IOPS is, currently, in an interim stage, leading up to a founding convention when the membership will determine the organization's definition in more detail.

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