Code of Ethics

Golden Path moves beyond typical operations of community driven projects. It is a collaborative group created to start the process of completely redefining society and prosperity around an ethical approach to living.

At Golden Path even though we currently live in a capitalistic world we aim to redefine work, art, compensation, living and exploration by making our compensation an effect of the result of our creations. With the goal of creating a positive effect on the people who experience this work whatever it may be ranging from taking a stand on a political issue to creating a piece of art to express the human condition.

 To do this we live by consensus toward the larger picture of improving humanity.

We accomplish this by working toward the following:

  • Doing daily spiritual work on the inner self though meditation and philosophical knowledge. Maybe you have come to the conclusion that there is something greater than yourself guiding humanity. At Golden Path the type of domination, or spiritual teaching you practice does not matter. What's important is if it helps you to increase your awareness and improve your consciousness.
  • Since we all are equal it terms of our eventual death on this earth, everyone deserves respect on a human level. ┬áTherefore, having power over others or centralizing control over the population from a top down approach is detrimental to our well-being and is an illusion to keep us stuck in a repetitive cycle of pain and suffering. At Golden Path, everyone is on a equal playing field and we operate from a decentralized approach working together in small groups.
  • We do not accept outside influences, support, control, assistance of any kind that does not conform to our basics of humanity which is complete freedom from:
  1. Taxation without representation.
  2. Coercion of any kind, violent or otherwise.
  3. Acting or speaking selfishly in an effort to deceive your fellow man for personal gain or to put one group or person above another.
  • Improving our awareness of our intentions to help not hinder humanity for personal, political, spiritual, religious, cultural or financial gain.