On Israel and Gaza: The Large Scale Deception


With the rise of knowledge on how to manipulate crowds psychologically current events are being distorted beyond belief on all levels of society and government. If you haven't been reading about the countless times rogue groups in our government operate covertly to distort the facts of our involvement around the world, then you haven't been paying attention.

Someone said that once everyone believes that lies are truth and truth are lies then we are truly lost. I believe that is happening right now. Everyone needs to seriously concider questioning narratives that are being communicated in the media and to others who accept that narrative and spread it around like a mind virus. This is happening, right now in Gaza and its scary to see so many groups of living souls here in north america attacking people who question the violence that its being perpetrated by the Israelis. Calling people Anti-Semitic for condemning premeditated violence against a people that have no or little ability to defend themselves is abhorrent. The fact that most people cannot see the deception going on in the outright killing of innocent people is completely insane and people who support it should feel ashamed. Get off your asses and do your home work, dont believe everything that gets put to you. Please condemn this practice when ever you can, dont allow the masses to continue this tirade against people who speak out against wars and violence, we are better than this.