Getting to the Core of Corruption - The Psychology of Control

How do we solve the most important problems facing our world today? Arnt we all invested in some issue that is harming our society? Whether it’s the war in Syria or the NSA spying on our private lives eventually we have to ask the question, how did this all begin?

At what point did we change from a free society to dictators and destroyers of peaceful countries? Who is responsible?

Knowing­ the real truth behind these questions comes at a great cost to each one of us. The cost of knowing the truth behind world events that intend on doing us harm may finally bring with it the realization that we are part of the problem; AND more specifically it’s not important what our thoughts say about this paradox, it’s what we do with this knowledge that’s important.

With that said I put forth the possibility that many of us, deep down, don’t really want to know what’s really behind an important issue, nor do we want the knowledge of how to resolve it.

It is at this point when we realize that in order to resolve an issue like this involves a response-ability. An ability to respond with an action. None of us really want that. If we did we would stop bickering about the latest news piece on the Snowden leaks to discover that the reason we are even in this situation in the first place is that we allowed it.

We allowed ourselves to be manipulated by people in power at the highest levels of society. People bent on controlling this world from a top-down approach instead of a feedback loop.

At top-down approach to a society is some form of power figure or figures dictating terms to us in a subtle enough fashion that we don’t at first know we are being taken advantage of.

In a feedback loop everyone has a role but no role is more important than any other. Everyone is dependent on everyone else and that is the way a society should be run.

The first step in doing something about what is happening to our world is accepting that we are part of the problem AND we can and should do something about it.

Here is a video that holds some information on how to help us proceed. I think everyone should watch it because it gets to the core of our problems, instead of us whacking at the branches, which is what we do day in and day out. We can’t make any real changes unless we strike at the root.