Breaking the Sense of Self-Importance


Psychologically, strong attachments to beliefs in general and to a particular nation is a structure of the mind which can be used against you. This is why is better to approach ideas and beliefs with a constant feeling of wanting to know the truth, but at the same time realizing that you will never reach the entire truth of it.

As individulals we are not our minds. Our minds are a tools to be used in the direction of truth and love. Life is like an Ocean wherever one is in time, space or consciousness. With winds and storms and constantly unexpected actions and consequences. We live in a dualistic world of cause and effect. Accepting that while we are on this earth and that it as a natural part of life gives one peace.

The second part of this process is comming to the realization that all structures, especially in the mind are inherently unstable, given enough time a structure will always fail us. This is why we cannot depend on or put too much stock in them. Grasping the inevitable instabilities in literally all physical systems in this dualisitic universe we can then devise a practical way forward that does not require us to be rocked back and forth by our belifs that these structures will save us if we can only hold on a little longer.

 Change, in oneself and possiblely the world is created within. It doesn't come from agreeing or disagreeing with content of your mind. It comes from a body awareness of what one must do in ones life. To have that awareness you need enough energy. As it stands now, every human being on the planet is allotted a certain amount of energy. All of that energy is consumed by our day to day lives and there is none left to create the necessary momentum to bring real change in our life and into the world. So in order to have energy to we first have to reclaim energy from other areas of our life that are wasted energy. Once we have some energy reclaimed we can use that energy to start the process of cleaning ourselves of our social conditioning by first stopping ones internal dialog and attachment to self-importance. This is called by Don Juan "Stopping the World", everything we do in this world has some sense of self-importance attached to it. It is this self-importance that makes us think we need to be offended by the actions of others and it causes is suffering when the world doesnt work out the way we want it to.

My suggestion is to clean ourselves out first of everything that divides the soul before we can see the world in a new light to effect the change we want. We would probably be different people at the point and it may or may not be necessary to effect any change in the world since everything that happens is part of a larger design that must play itself out.