According to the donjuanist vision of reality, there exists a separate reality that is parallel with our ordinary reality.  One fundamental aspect of the task of warriors is to reach this alternate reality,  which will allow us to experience our world in its totality.

In general terms, the perceptual velocity needed to be able to perceive this separate reality can only be achieved by a movement of the assemblage point (see page 9). As has already been mentioned, this tends to be permanently fixed in this place during the life of an average person. Lacking this movment, we remain anchored to the generally chaotic conditions of our ordinary reality.

The separate reality, on the other hand, invites the warrior to freedom.  It offers new worlds full of mystery, in which each being can experience itself in unspspected ways.  Don Juan outlines two general ways in which to achieve movement of the assemblage point: the art of dreaming and the art of stalking.  In the present chapter we will deal with exclusivley with the art of stalking.