In The Fire From Within, don Juan tells us that the internal dialogue itself, togeather with everyday conduct, is what keeps the assemblage point fixed in one place. Then, any unusual conduct, if praticed continuously and systematically, tends to move it out of this habitual position. While it is  true that many of them can put our mental health in danger, since we are already disposed to believe that the reality we perceive is the one true reality. Examples of this would be the careless use of hallucinogenic plants or confrontation with a severe emotional crisis that leads to phychosis. Even in the work of Castaneda, we find Carlos, the sorcerer's apprentice, concerned about going crazy from the effects of power plants or from the celebrated "nagual's blow'.

Stalking, on the other hand, implies a systematic control of our conduct, allowing a slow and harmonious movment of the assemblage point. We are thus assured that any contact with the unknown will be carried out with sobriety and efficiency.