The Impact of Cyclic History

Cyclic history is a theory which dictates that the major forces that motivate human actions return in a cycle. Among these forces are religion/spirituality, politics, science, philosophy, curiosity, creativity, psychology, morality and astronomical conjunctions. D. H. Lawrence thought that there existed a high technology civilization in the remote past. If we are living out a cyclical history then its a good bet, based on what is happening around us that we are approaching a golden age. How we move though this age is important. It is a time where many possibilities are real. During this time our job is to become aware of our spiritual nature. I do mediation frequently for about 20 mins a day, and then focus on a screen writing project I'm working on. I also spend part of my time making a income fixing computers. My main approach to life is that my purpose in life comes before everything, but I don't neglect my responsibilities. Its important that I create a balance between my work for money gig and my purpose which is to write and direct films that make a difference in people's lives along with spending time with my family, and answering any calls to action from the universe. Calls to action are little feelings that pop up inside you (not emotions) that say, "Its probably a good idea if I do x" (even when you really don't want to) It could be something as simple as realizing that you need to call your mother because you haven't really been in touch with here, or If you are having problems with your mother it could be something like "I need to look within and find out why I don't want to talk to my mother". Looking within is just as simple as stopping what you are doing (everything) and sitting down in a quite place for a short time between 5 and 20 minutes (more if its something big) and asking yourself the question. You can repeat it if you don't get a response, also its a good idea to write down on paper anything that comes to mind. Some of your writing will just be warm up stuff like "I'm writing this because its bull crap and its not gonna work" but eventually you will hit a spot where the truth comes out. You will know it when you see it. When you see it stop writing and read it.

When you are done reading it make a decision to either act on it or put it aside for a specific time or date so that you can come back to it later. Its really important to make a decision at this point either way. You will be surprised how draining it really is to your energy when you don't actually make decisions and just ignore what is happening. If you act no matter what the outcome is you are empowering yourself to make your life situation better. If you make a mistake to follow up with it at a later date, forgive yourself and set a date and time to do it or do it now. You decision might require that you have to say or do something that might be really hard for you to do, but its absolutely imperative that you do it as soon as you can. If you don't know how to do or say it with out getting yourself into trouble write it down. You might get into trouble anyway, but at least if you spend time on making it less of a trouble you will thank yourself. Oh one more thing, forces will work against you if you have been putting off the decision to do something for a long time. Count on it. Don't be angry. Be glad you finally decided to make a decision, then accept the consequences for what comes next. When you do this you will heal a part of yourself and the other person involved in the situation. If things don't work as planned accept it as best as you can. If you feel something was missing it could be I missed step please forgive me as there might be some I left out. Try to find out what that missing part is on your own and remedy it. It might be as simple as apologizing before you go off talking about how you don't like x,y or z.

This kind of work is called healing the energy body. We will get to that later. For now just spend time working on all the things like this that you have neglected. Once you realize you have left nothing undone you are ready for the next stage.

All of this is to prepare yourself for a new golden age that is coming, once we clean out all the junk, we are ready for something new.

At Golden Path once we move though rectifying our personal history we are ready to take on the challenge of making the world a better place.