Golden Path is a concept I came up with that combines the mystery schools of antiquity with the modern arts. Expressing universal truths though art requires a great responsibility and commitment to do no harm. To commit to truth without doing harm, I suggest that we need to practice discovering our real selves hidden with in. The Golden Path is a decentralized school of mystery and art with the goal of discovering the truth hidden within by using art as the method of communication.

My particular path seems to be in film and dramatization but Golden Path should have any form of art that can express a truth so all forms of art that is dedicate to freedom and truth is encouraged.

I go by Scott "trinsic" Larson, for more information about our community projects sign-up for an account and contact trinsic or email trinsic from trinsic.paridiom.net. You can also see my personal interests on my personal twitter feed @trinsic1.